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GrownFolksCiT's T-Shirts
are known for its one of a kind unique style
when you shop with GrownFolksCit's
you can always count on being the first to wear the newest item in your group
Slen's always coming up with new ideals and hard to make products
so by the time someone else copies
you'll already be wearing something else new
shop here ONLY if you're a trend setter.

Shipping details

GrownFolksCiT's T-shirts
are (MTO) made to order
please allow up to 7 business days after payment

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Garment Return and Exchange Conditions
Garments to be exchanged; must comply with the following conditions:

Garments may be returned for an exchanged only (NO REFUNDS)
The garments may not have been worn.
The garments may not have been laundered.
The garment may not be altered.
The garment may not be damaged.
Garments which have makeup, deodorant, hairspray, or any other personal hygiene stains, marks, or blemishes may not be returned or exchanged.
All original tags must be on the garment; and names may not be written on the tags.
The original sales receipt must accompany the exchanged or returned garment.
Garments exchanged must be shipped back within Fourteen (14) Calendar Days of receipt of the original shipment; without exception.

Additional information

although GrownFolksCit's specialize in Metallic
GrownFolksCiT's makes a wide verity,
you are welcome to request your very own custom design